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Slowed my Roll a little down to 115 BPM F#Major,for this song I used some Analog and Digital synths a Mellotron,French Horn a Cello and an acoustic guitar.I tried to give it the 80s Alternative Feel ( Copyright 2011 )
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copyright 2010
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Copyright 2009
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Copyright 2009
Peak in sub-genre #6
copyright 2008
Peak in sub-genre #16
Copyright 2008
Copyright 2008
Copyright 2008
Peak in sub-genre #44
Copyright 2008
Peak in sub-genre #46
I have so many versions of this song I finally took parts from all of them and made the final version. ( Copyright 2008 )
Peak in sub-genre #66
I remixed a Trance classic.I have darkend it a bit but keeping much of the original feel let me know what you think of it. ( Copyright 2003 )
Peak in sub-genre #92
This song got lost in my archives I forgot all about it,let me know what you think. ( Copyright 2001 )
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This is a song Ive been wanting to complete for some years now,its been in the back of my head for so long.I have finally purged it. ( Copyright 2001 )
Peak in sub-genre #29 1
Many groups have done a song with this title,most notable is Tangerine Dream.The title is taken from a line in Alfred,Lord Tennyson's poem ( Locksley Hall )....this is my version of this title. ( Copyright 2008 )
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This another song of mine that does not fit in with the rest....a Misfit or is that it just stands out from the rest. ( Copyright 1997 )
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