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Female kid mc from Belfast, currently 14 and loves hip hop :)
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Focuses on the main problem in Belfast, think you have to be from here to understand it but maybe if you're in the same situation somewhere else you'll understand it too - beat by HipHopCrib - "In The Ghetto"
Just a short - 1min roughly - re-introduction to rappin, been gone a while...
Beat: from HipHop Royalty Free Beats called 'Pain and Glory' by KOP Straight forward rap track
29/01/05 First track of the new year, things aint been the best recently so I made a more R&B track to sum it all up. Beat is called 'Tears' - Produced by
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The original is below but the quality was realy bad so i re-did it, hopefully you'll notice an improvement if you listened to my first attempt at it. Please leave your critiscm on my board, i'll return the favour.
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Joey Bee again providin me with a tite beat, this is like along the theme of Nellys - Air Force Ones but different, its not my best but tell me what you think anyway
Beat by SMIDI: Intro & 2nd Verse by E-Kay: First verse, hook & outro by me
Verses by 2nd Evolution check em at - Beat by SMIDI check him to at - Nd the chipmunk soundin chorus is me! 2nd Evo nd Smidi r hott so def check em!
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20/06/04 This is on the instrumental of Wonderwall by Oasis but my lyrics are different
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12/06/04 The beat was by Beatkeeper check his stuff out he reppin Cork nd is TITE!
Beat by Joey Bee
K my m8 sent me a muck about thing of her just speakin so i put it on this beat, tell me what you think.
Joey Bee did the beat
Emotional tpe song tell me wot ya think
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