Zhyla's Imaginary Band
Blues San Diego, CA  USA
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Peak position #97
An un-finished pitch detection algorithm for built using Line6's ToneCore DSP developer kit. It detects what you're playing and outputs a triangle or square wave of the same amplitude and frequency. It can shift the octave up or down as well.
Peak position #43
Peak position #40
A clone of a Fender Bassman model 5B6 (wide panel Bassman) that I built. The guitar is a Mexican telecaster.
Some weird Teisco-ish guitar I picked up on ebay played thru a repro of a 5b6 Fender Bassman
Peak position #79 1
Swapped the stock cone in my Rogue resonator guitar for one of the new National cones.
Peak position #54
A 50's tube amp I cleaned up a little.
Peak position #60
So this is what a good, old archtop sounds like when set up properly!
Peak in sub-genre #43
The project parlor guitar, but with a new bridge.
Peak in sub-genre #47
Just did a big neck reset, refret, crack repair, etc, on this old 1920's Lyra/Bruno/Oscar Schmidt parlor guitar. Here's what it sounds like.
Peak position #44
Some fingerpicking and strumming on a 30's Harmony Monterey archtop guitar.
Peak in sub-genre #55
Peak position #48
Peak in sub-genre #36
This is an Epi Valve Jr. combo with a DIY variac attenuator between the amp and the speaker. The guitar is an Epiphone Wildkat (semi-hollow w/ P90's).
Peak position #74
Resonator guitar in open A.
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