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Vocals, singing, accoustic, blues
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The start of a Halloween tune Collaboration between myself and Peter Mercer
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Another collaboration
Peak position #38
Music by Steve and lyrics and vocals by me
Peak position #58
Music by Bobby at the Music Collaboration site, words and vocal by me.
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Backing provided with permission by Dblues. I supplied the lyrics and vocals.
Peak in sub-genre #30
Music by Roadrunner from the LPF. I just added some lyrics and vocals
My attempt at a Pink Floyd tribute. Kevbocat on guitar
Peak position #50
Just a vocal run on the legendary Eagles tune
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Collaborative work. Music provided by Lee and The Roadhog Band! I had to write some lyric's and do some vocals when I heard this awesome music! All that's left is some lead and a mix!
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I did the Lyric's and Vocals John (Tubs) supplied the lead guitar.
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A tribute to the Doors
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Beautiful Backing melody by Geddins81 were perfect for this ballad I wrote years ago for my wife.
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