Randy Gould
Acoustic Corinna, ME  USA
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randy gould
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Hold On To Your Dreams
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Just a snappy, begging your ex to come back song...
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'Bahama Dream' was written during a winter in the North... with the Bahamas in my mind. Aaaahhhh... I really love the feel of this song...
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'Never Understood Alone' is a powerful song about loss.
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'Haven't We Learned' is essentially a song about American politics and the general condition of the USA .
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This song is for anyone who has ever felt different or unaccepted. What a sad, lonely place to be, especially for a young person.
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This is a 2008 remake of this 1996 song from the 2005 CD (hmmm), more upbeat and all digital.
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A song dedicated to our guy 'Dubya' for doing more than his share to make songs like this possible...
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Often true about the spouse, I think. We can either be 'happy or right'.
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I wrote this in the 80's and have recorded it many times over the years.
Peak in sub-genre #4 2
'Lost In You' is a song about being saved by just the right woman at just the right time. Semi-autobiographical, I suppose.
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Peak position #25 5
Another new song... I have some enormous emotional connections with this one.
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Well... It is. And this song barely scratches the surface of it all.
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