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Alternative Holiday, FL  USA
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Peak position #76
Peak in sub-genre #15
This tune is guaranteed to whoop the llama's ass and never ride on the hell bus.
Peak in sub-genre #75
Cloud 9 is a testament of our love for music. Now this jam is a greatest hit.
The first Superfly Crew song with MC Cote, and the name that would later be chosen to identify the record label, this song was created in a sardine can excuse for a practice space in Clairmel City, Florida.
Peak position #86 1
A heartfelt ballad by Eddie Machete, singer/drummer for the Superfly Crew, about the hard lessons of youth in love, and how paths that part ways sometimes work themselves back together...
Truly an inspired work on the ability of the mind to escpae its earthly confines.
Peak in sub-genre #73
Coming straight to you form Tampa town, we drop that Smooth Groove Music. Superfly Crew with Kendra Morris.
A study of how our so called justices and freedoms are illusory, a huge mind game played to distract the masses from the fact we live in a police state that discourages any progression other than the wanton need to consume as much as possible.
A truly patriotic anthem, this song was a response to the military industrial complex and their attempts to institute a new world order.
The most progressive of the songs on the first album 'Freshly Dipped', Precision was played on Clear Channel stations nationwide in summer 99, a 5 minute display of the skill of the crew to mix all genres into a new blend of sounds....
This song is more topical now than ever...the False Flag Operation known as the Global War on Terror has blanketed the world with martial law, fixed elections, military expeditures at an all time high, as well as the largest debt ever recorded; all o
This song is a study on how the optimum randomnity of life will throw you into a situation where thinking on your feet is the only thing that will keep you from laying on your back.
A new anthem for a new generation living under the Patriot Act, this song, written pre 9-11, became prophecy realized after the Neo-Cons took over. All hail the theif-in-chief!
Peak in sub-genre #83
A heart-rendering tale about being marginalized in the love letter of life, with a post script of ' P.S. Here is your crushed heart back, maybe you can use it for a paperweight or something.
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