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HEY!!! If you want me to compose music for a video game project, get at me! Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Reminds me of something I would hear in a sonic game. Not quite upbeat and fast enough to be a Green/Emerald/Splash Hill Zone. But Marble zone or something.
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Battle music for a turnbase RPG type game. If you are interested in using my music for a video game, or want to buy a custom made composition, send an email to with the details. Thanks!
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I made this late 2008, and Im just uploading it now...why?! I dont know why. To my knowledge ALL these synths are completely original. I love making music for video games. Hit me up if you are working on a project:
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A concept composition I submitted for a competition.
Peak in sub-genre #18
Made with Fruity Loops Demo, crappy computer and the worst monitors ever. I didnt mix this at all or even care about sound selecting, and the drums are presets...this is strickly practising composition. THANKS 4 Listening
This is really random. But I decided to upload it here because it sounded very Videogame-like. ENJOY :)
This sounds more like music if your were shutting down your gameboy.
This reminds me of some intro music to starting up a NINTENDO GAMEBOY!
Peak in sub-genre #49
I lost Round 1 (15-4). Now its round 2! Im still rolling with the 'SOUL CALIBUR' theme, tricky stuff!!! Check his music at the REVERBNATION link on the 1st entry!
Peak in sub-genre #19
I am in a 1 on 1 competition with the legendary 'V Sinizter' at composing VG music. This is round 1, I decided to base my entry off of soul calibur, checkout his music at DONT SLEEP ON THIS!
Peak in sub-genre #45
I spent about 2 hours on this... i mostly just wanted to compose something simple and delightful and work on my
Peak in sub-genre #3
I dunno, was originally gonna be another Video Game Piece but the only thing I could envision this audio being in is a character select for a wierd game haha....... CHECK OUT MY RAP PAGE @:
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This is like tha first song I ever attempted to make sounds like a video game....... i based it off a SONIC tha HEDGEHOG vibe, Emerald-Hill-style... hope you like it! CHECKOUT MY RAP SITE: !!!!
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