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I am a ASCAP Lyricist in Orlando,Fl. I am currently working in the industry with several name producers and artists. I am available for collaborations, as well
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Gemma sang a great country demo of Girl in the Corner
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This is my Boyz2men type track that i wrote. Rich Eagle performed it and did a great job. Its all about loving someone so much and they keep throwing your love away.
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Simply put..a BEAUTIFUL love ballad.
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I wrote this song about my husband and I. It is the most personal lyric I have ever written. Ray Covington is the artist and he performed this so well. I am very pleased at how this turned out.
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Rich Eagle performed this fun pop song about what you would do if you could get your girl back
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A huge collaborate effort between Karen Mack, Myself, Willy Bum Bum Baker and Chelsey Dickson, FUn teen pop song we wrote to pitch to Miley Cyrus
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this song is about what it feels like to try and move on after a breakup that you never wanted in the first place..the promises you made to eachother then it ends..
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Jewel style song about how it feels when you had a fling and cant forget the person..
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Pop/Dance song
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This song is about loving someone who is moving on and you cant let it go..
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Jen and I cowrote this song together and Ray demoed it for us! It is a boyband song!
Pop Demo like Nick Carter that I wrote several years ago. My friend Dan Fekeny did the vocals and music by Gill Ruffo
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