The Bard Brothers
Acoustic Andover, NY  USA
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Going back to classic Bard Brothers sound here. Tell us what you think.
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Another rocker, sung by Tim.
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The bards get electric... and heavy.
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Like the story behind the song, I dusted this one off and started production from scratch.
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Peak in sub-genre #30 1 1
A little ditty plucked on my mandolin.
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I think this classifies as bluegrass.
Peak in sub-genre #26 1 1
The instrumental opening to our fourth album: Quarto.
A duet: Damian sings with the talented Ellen Oakes Kerr
Peak in sub-genre #55
Another ode to my lovely partner.
Another relationship song.
An instrumental break with percussive help from Ed Belin.
Peak in sub-genre #71
A somewhat happy song.
Peak in sub-genre #39
Something I had worked up LONG ago (like college long ago) and finally got around to recording.
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For The Night
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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