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Bill Beaumont
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CottonMouth plays 2009 versions of classic Blues, Rock 'N' Roll and R & B songs with a 'twist' . We hope you like this. Don't be afraid - we won't hurt you !
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A song about going home after a troubled life.
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I don't need to explain this photo.
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Obviously recorded live -- Some kinda fun.
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Recorded at Timothy's Pub in Toronto 2003. It wasn't supposed to be recorded..That's my wife's voice you hear saying 'don't record this' Oh, well. What a classic.
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Recorded live at Timothy's in Toronto, May 2008. Sharon Bieck on Sax, Trevor Huggett on guitar, Dave Morrison on bass and Bart Der Stepanian on drums.
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Recorded live in a bar at 11 in the morning without an audience. I'm glad I had a bottle of Scotch with me. I'm not good in the morning. Features Les Hoffman on guitar, Eric Davis on bass and Terry Kavanagh on drums. Turned out OK Bill Beaumont
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