Marti van Lin
Electronic Maastricht, Netherlands
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Amateur one man band form Maastricht, the Netherlands.
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Peak position #72
Electronica, for (former) BBS Sysops
Peak position #93
Contemporary Country and Western song. Based on a (Americanised) true story.
Peak position #21
Relaxation, Deep Sleeping instrumental New Age. Made on my Yamaha PSR-4100 (71 keys). Slow Strings with sustain and echo. Harp, Oboe with sustain and echo.
Peak position #50
A pop version of the classic "Yiddishe Mama".
Peak in sub-genre #24
Alternative Rock song in Hebrew. Based on a traditional prayer for the Soldiers of the Israeli Army. Title song of my upcoming album
Peak position #10
Ska/Reggea version of a Traditional Yiddish song
Peak position #92
Collaborator(s): Marti van Lin
Le Hanukkah is Hebrew "For Hanukkah". The song is basically the Praise Prayer for lighting the Hanukkah candles and a Hanukkah greeting.
Peak position #94
Collaborator(s): Marti van Lin
My Trance/Club version of a Traditional Israeli song.
Peak position #54
Chill Out Love song.
Peak in sub-genre #19
A instrumental 1980's song, rearranged into a 1960's guitar song, dedicated to my brother Mike
Peak position #40
A pre-release of a Trance/Club song to celebrate the 70's anniversary of the State of Israel.
Peak position #88
Club version of the Israeli National Hymn
Peak position #12
1970's Love song. Based on a true experience. Song is in Mastricht Dialect.
Peak position #32
Pro Israel Dance song.
Peak position #51 1
My implementation of Shtil, di nakht iz oysgeshternt (Yiddish classic, see description).
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