Sir Charles (UK)
Electronic Strömstad Sweden, Sweden
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DJ, Disc-Jockey, Dee-Jay, Singer, Artist, Entertainer, Actor, Voiceovers and Commercials, Turntablist, CD-Decker, Producer, Songwriter, Poet, Music Maker, Party
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A try to make a slightly different Progressive Trance Track.
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This would fit any sports arena.
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It is about this funny little tapdancing Elephant
Like a journey into the land of magic and sound
Album: Dawn of time
Imagine a destroyed planet with the last bit of nature left, a lush djungle that has managed to hide. Then 2 groups finds it. What is left afterwards?
Our old drummer had a go at all the new Loops we bought, this is the result.
Album: Dawn of time
Everything has a beginning, always very powerfull and impressive. Even the quitest beginning has a stormfull power around it, we just do not always see or hear it.
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Made live infront of a lot of people then sampled and cleaned up in a studio.
Album: Dawn of time
The way we all go will not be the way we want to go. this is more often than not.
Album: Dawn of time
How will the world turn out, if we move and shoove all we see?
Album: Dawn of time
Imagine a forrest, any forrest smal, big, low, tall, mythical, ancient or new and you feel these gentle giants live in the nature surrounding all of us, and tell me you are not in ave.
Album: Dawn of time
Based on what we might think if as the wild and outdoors, i set this sounds together for you to close your eyes and imagine you are out there.
Album: Dawn of time
I can not describe any of my work, it is entirely up to the listener to decide what they hear and not.
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Same as on the radio version
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