Blues South Africa
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A little clip done in a friends studio, one of his original songs, not yet mixed down or completed. All instruments on the track are played by him.
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HD500 Treadplate and DrZ, using a Strat over a Guthrie backing track.
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Tokai ES60 (335) into Pod HD500. Mixed through headphones, so sounds best through headphones.
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The backing track.
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MIJ 62RI Strat with Di Marzio VV pickups Tonelab AC15 model into a Soundblaster Live soundcard.
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Recorded by Peter Hanmer (Off the Edge). All instruments played by Peter.
The Wall solo using Di Marzio VV neck pup, and MIJ 62 RI Strat, Vox Tonelab AC15 Amp sim.
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playing some lead over Crazy Diamond. Tonelab
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An internet friend Charger's backing track (no guitars) became my version of Pink Floyds 'Mother'. Used the Tonelab and my 62RI Japanese Strat with Di Marzio VV pickups...excuse the voice, I can't sing. :) Sounds best through headphone
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Solo using a POD XT and Strat.
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