Barbara Tipper
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BarbaraTipper is a poet, lyricist, singer, worship leader and inspirational speaker. She has collaborated with Ng Wah Lok and others to write many songs, 14 of
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WINNER OF AUSTRALIAN SONGWRITING AWARD 2004 FOR BEST HYMN. A sombre and repentant meditation on the symbols of wheat and bread, grape and wine. To be sung when approaching the Eucharistic feast or as a song for Good Friday or the Lenten period.
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Based on Psalm 23 and focusing on how we are able to forge ahead through troubled times because of God's faithfulness and guidance. The singer on the album is Mr Alan Tan.
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Inspired by some spontaneous words of worship: 'I embrace Your reign', this song worships Christ as King of a vast domain yet one who humbled Himself to enter my heart as Messiah
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