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Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Musician. My Guitars, Keyboard, Violin,and my Voice. I love to write and sing 1930's and 1940's style Jazz, and Classical best. A
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#10 (Main) 108 96
I composed, played and sang this Waltz, and spent many hours makin' love to my K-Mart keyboard. Over a hundred tracks altogether. I enjoyed doing this song. Mi piace davvero.
#1 (Sub-genre) 77 74
I wrote it recently. I used a drum loop, bell, and I sang all of the vocals. It took me days to complete. I hope that it's good enough....Oh, please read my lyrics.
#1 (Sub-genre) 60 48
Music and vocals written and performed by Lekzee. A 1000 year old lady takes herself at 57 years old up the steps into Dracula's Castle to change her over and find her lover.
Peak position #21 21 25
PUBLIC DOMAIN SONG...I sang all vocals with my strange arrangement. OH GEEZ I Hope you like it. Acappella so you can hear all my mistakes!!!!!! :) It's alright, I'm among friends.
#43 (Main) 13 7
I wrote it, Played my 12-String, added synth bass and a drumloop. Then, sang all vocals.
#2 (Sub-genre) 62 48
Different than I usually do, because I do not usually let others hear this side of me. I wrote it, sang all vocals and handplayed instruments on my K-Mart keyboard. Just remember LEKZEE is watching.
Peak position #15 37 29
This is a song of love, respect, and gratitude. Most intelligent man pictured. Music ,writing,production,soundwork,all music and vocals by Lekzee Patrick. ALWAYS CHOOSE LIFE!!! YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE!!! WINNER TAKES ALL
#3 (Sub-genre) 40 32
You never know what will find you in the attic. Evelyn Road I wrote this. My Carpathian bloodlines, on my Dad's side. His Mother's lines go back to one Vlad Tepes. Handplayed keyboard instruments, Violin,and vocals by Countess Lekzee Patrick.
#4 (Sub-genre) 9 4
#37 (Main) 24 20
My Family is magnificent. I love them. My Granddaughter is brilliant, kind, and beautiful. I thank God for her. I am alive because she wants me to be.
Peak position #17 33 22
I love my son, daughter and granddaughter. My Son Josh is pictured here. I re-recorded this my own way, playing on my keyboard. I wrote it for my son when he was age 4.
#4 (Sub-genre) 29 32
It's different, I wrote this song, arranged it, hand- played alot, on the keyboard, and sang all vocals. I hope that someone likes it.
#49 (Main) 9 6
Pictured,Elliott John VanSicklin... My song writing buddy on the other side.:) I hand-played all parts on my keyboard and sang all vocals. Song is about my Geometry teacher. Very intelligent man.
Peak position #1 47 47
I wrote this old style Jazz song, and arranged it, sang all vocals and hand played parts on my K-Mart keyboard.
#1 (Sub-genre) 35 36
I wrote and arranged this song and sang all vocals. I hand played all multi-instrument solos, as usual. It's relaxing for me to do so. Many,many tracks involved. Old style Jazz.
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