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Farrell Jackson
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An easy listening song.........
Here's the latest and 4th song from Diesel Saloon....It's called That's How Life Goes. It's a prog rock style song.
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This is a Diesel Saloon song (Mach, Mike S, Farrell Jackson, with special guest drummer Bud).
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Here's a blues collaboration that I did with blues/jazz singer Yvonne Jay. Yvonne Jay - Lyric and vocals Farrell Jackson - The music
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A classic rock song. This is a fore-long love song about a person looking for the perfect words to say to their love interest buy having a difficult time finding them.
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An acoustic/electric guitar instrumental with some Latin percussion flair.
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This is a collaboration with Bill T. It's a Blues/Boogie/ Shuffle. Bill T - Lyric, melody and lead vocal. Farrell J - all music and backing vocals.
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A Country Rock Ballad. Farrell Jackson - Lyric, melody, and all vocals. Gary Shukoski - all the music.
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A Country Rock song. Farrell Jackson - songwriter, all vocals, and all instruments. Instruments used: A vintage VOX bass with flat wound strings, Intro Gtr Ibanez big body arch top, 2nd R-Gtr G&L Tele with humbuckers, and solo Gtr G&L Strat.
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A song for Halloween
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A vintage R&R theme with a contemporary slant. I tried to capture the feeling, with lyric and music, that I get when I'm cruising in my restored 1955 Chevrolet.
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This is an acoustic rock ballad.
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A heavy rhythm guitar laden song.......heck I don't know what genre this song is..... could be Country Punk for all I know, lol, but it was a fun one to put together.
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A Led Zep Styled song
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