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heres somethin I came up with, I like this track alot, ill take some of the sample out when I get a lyricist with a hook, I mainly wanted to focus on 'I put my lifeline inbetween these papers lines'
new track I made, alot of strings and raspy synths, and of course 808's u know how I do.
bonnie tyler sample, good luck clearing that haha, pretty dark track though, interesting
a couple guys from bothell I recorded, they were just getting a feel for the track, no real structure to the song. these guys are pretty dope though. the first guy is only 16
some sh*** I came up with messin around in my bedroom, my girlfriend sang the hook, but wouldnt finish it haha
kind of a cover or rendition of an old good song, no samples used!
I came up with this in like an hour, after hearing a melody I liked on tv, not much change in the track but sounds dope with lyrics over it!
its got a isaac hayes shaft kinda feel, pretty funky haha, I like this track
first real club style track, Im lovin this shit, it would sound dope on a good system in a club! I NEED AN MC!
first of a new kinda style that I will be putting more of out...high tech sounding, hand claps are ear peircing!
one of my favorite tracks Ive ever done, something happened to the piano right before the first chorus, I need to fix that!
sounds kinda like a scott storch track (reason for the title) 808 club style track! hit me up allmotoreh2@hotmail.com for use!
I made this track about a year ago, so no I didnt copy grillz but it does kinda sound like it...
dark sounding reminds me of friday the 13th, one of the first tracks I made.
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Instrumentals - Trap
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