Ryan Boc - Sequester
Metal Victoria, Canada myspace.com/sequester
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A metal project influenced by various styles of music.
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Peak position #29
Track one from "Ancestry"
Peak position #35
Track two from "Ancestry"
Peak position #41 3 1
Track three from the album 'Shaping Life and Soul.'
Peak in sub-genre #17
Track two from the album 'Shaping Life and Soul.'
Peak in sub-genre #25 2
Track one from the EP "Nameless One."
Peak in sub-genre #44 2 1
Track two from the EP "Nameless One."
Peak in sub-genre #6 2
Track three from the EP "Nameless One."
Peak position #17 2
Track four from the EP "Nameless One."
Peak in sub-genre #2 1
A BG cover back from their old demo tracks when they were known as Lucifer's Heritage. I got rid of the intro, made up my own solo, and did a key change half way through. I did leave in the crazy Hansi scream at the end though.
Peak position #92 4
Track one from the upcoming Sequester album.
Peak position #25 5
Track two from Winter Shadows. A definite fan favourite back from the demo days, and considered one of the darker songs from the album.
Peak in sub-genre #69 2 1
Track three off of the upcoming Sequester album, and the namesake for the demo CD, 'Visions of the Erlking.' This is my take on Schubert's 'Erlkönig,' a lied composition based off of the poem 'Der Erlkönig' by Goethe.
Peak in sub-genre #55 3
Track one from the Sequester single 'Eternal Sleep.' Track four from the album, 'Winter Shadows.'
Peak position #88 2 1
Track five from Winter Shadows.
Peak in sub-genre #42 1
An instrumental track six from Winter Shadows. The idea behind this was to have a bluesy/western sounding and improvised intro that leads into my usual heavy stuff.
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