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Road Apples
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Original tunes by a songwriter in Canada - Guitar -based alt/indie rock - I hope you like it!
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argle has worked his magic on another tune - this one was recorded last year.
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mellow vibe tune with outstanding vocal prowess by Jen Pearl!
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a re-make of a song from 20 years ago. This version is way better. I recorded it (poorly, very poorly) for an NMR song competition. Then Adam Kirby produced a much better version for me. Thanks Adam!
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a challenge of sorts...
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A folky number written in February. It needed something - that's where uber-maistro arglebargle (Adam Kirby) came in - his orchestration and production gives this song its shine.
punky blast o' fun!
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A remix of a re-recording of a very old song. Argle (Adam Kirby) from this site gave it the fit and finish you hear...
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a 4 year old song - finally recorded the way I envisaged.
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written today, and recorded in one take
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I'm trying...I really am! :)
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This song may have multiple meanings...I'm not sure yet. My New Year's holiday project.
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A song inspired by the book 'A Perfect Hell' by John Nadler - which chronicles the first 'special forces' group of WWII - a joint Cdn/American force sent to help liberate Italy.
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