Balalaika Village
Classical miami, USA
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Balalaika, synth & percussion come together to bring new voices to olde world spirits still living in the ancient Balalaika, ye of mention by Beatles
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Peak in sub-genre #38
the electric squid spoke to the plankton while the whales did a merry dance to the melody of their conversation......
Peak in sub-genre #60
mayhem in the castle and madness before the altar created these souls that drifted into goodness and salvation...
flavors hopped around my head and they jumped out of my ears, causing mass confusion in the plate of jumping beans that lay before me......
Peak in sub-genre #80
the grasshoppas all danced merrily in the balalaika village as the music played upon their ears and little souls.....
the rush of the months made a hectic movement difficult and the onslaught of tones and beats came from the hooves of the passing cattle....
it was a day of fishing yet the clouds looked purple as did the catch.......
a pasture, tranquil and peaceful, with trees and fleas and bumblebees, has a cow upon it that is in the deepest of thoughts
Peak in sub-genre #68
Entranced by the gladiators, the melody of their plectrums across steel strings of harps created distress in the village
Peak in sub-genre #92
The mighty slayer has infinite confidence is his ability to slay the Dragon....
Peak in sub-genre #80
the cavalry of grasshoppers gallantly went off to battle...
the fields had strawberries, melons, grapes and oranges as we passed by pastures of unicorns.....
Peak in sub-genre #80
Balalaika's chase the wind thru the village and trodds and plods away
Visions of creatures stirred melody thru my mind and collided with a sonic landscape
happy spirits dance merrily around a melody of cascading rains......
bright jangles bring in a morning sun over the horizon......
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