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My web name is fanisatt. I am an unsigned digital music composer. I try to achieve interesting chord progressions and pleasant melody lines.
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Cheers !!
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Music - Lyrics by fanisatt Video : (You can see in the video the Greek lyrics).
AGAPAO (in Greek) means : I love , Video here : Lyrics by Stauroula Papakosmedou
Vocals by Panagiota , Lyrics - music by fanisatt , Video here :
Lyrics - music by fanisatt , Vocals by Panagiota
Peak in sub-genre #13
I made an update on this song I wrote 2 years ago.
Instrumental music (to the moment....) Lyrics : Maria Triantafellou
Peak in sub-genre #77
Dreams with .... strings, flutes,harp,oboe,piano,guitar,bass-drums
I made it for my daughter to sing . She wrote the lyrics too. Hope you like it. Video :
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Oboe, Flutes,Guitars, Piano, Strings,Harmonica,Harp,Bass,Drums , Video here : Music by fanisatt , Lyrics by Euaggelia Kouratora
Tiny and light, with a little vocals (my daughter). Lyrics - Music by fanisatt
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Devoted to my father Lyrics by Euaggelia Kouratora - Music by fanisatt
Vocals by my niece Sophia. Lyrics - music by fanisatt
Peak in sub-genre #14
I have a serious connection with this island, so i dedicate this song to it. Old version - listen to the newer one.
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