Hadjee and the Wartones
World miami, USA
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Modern MIddle Eastern TechnoZen, relaxing but engaging, painting sonic caligraphy....
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Peak in sub-genre #27
Her hips moved with the rhythm of the camels, her lips made gestures and her eyes gazed intently at me, for a long time.....
Peak in sub-genre #18
the travels thru the mountains was wild and she made it wilder...... monkeys and rabbit littered the mountains and a thousand virgins sang an odd melodramatic tone....
Peak in sub-genre #16
she may like her dancin' a little TOO much this girl is something else...... who brought her to the party we do not know but someone kindly inform the harlot that this is a family event and grandma is becoming alarmed......
The procession of unicorns danced with the camels as a thousand virgins stepped like a caterpillar, changing essence and catapulting their sensualites.......
Peak in sub-genre #46
Clocks and shop gadgets filled the air of the beggar's wedding as a thousand infidels danced the glory of time stopped.......
she was glory...... she was amazing.... the rhythms of the street vendors made her grow in my mind, in my head, and the cacophony of the auction of camels and unicorns only intensified.....
Peak in sub-genre #14
ahhh... the trip was long and stench of the women was overcoming the camels as well as us tourists..... the kilometers of desert and cavernour paths made the journey interesting for us.......
Peak position #99
The techno bar played sweeps thru the desert and the cames wreeked worse than dead goats in the hot sun and my mind shouted this melody over and over
Peak in sub-genre #9
sounds of the city collided with the dusty haze abd created tones and melodies that rose from the earth's surface
Peak in sub-genre #14
tracks of the mind and tones of the heart collide and become a path to a world of new shapes
Peak in sub-genre #12
feelings of hunting thru the desert for the great bearded snake of Mustaffah.....
Peak in sub-genre #27
magic and the day worked on the senses and mystic sheiks came to tell a tale
night warms the sky and the sky cools the night, and the winds carried this with it....
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