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Psionic, is a one man operation creating tunes ranging from nice chilled out Guitar based music to Hard Drum N Bass and funky beats...
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Drum & Bass tune with nice synths, sweet vocals and simple melodies.
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A nice chilled out tune with sweeping synths...
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Chilled out tune, nice slow beat with clean plucked guitar melodies, very different from my usual stuff!!
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Nice chilled out accoustic tune with some haunting reversed guitar in there!
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Playing around with my guitar and FX pedal and this was born, added a beat and some nice pianos/strings and thats it...
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Sounds like it should be in a car advert to me but anyway...have a listen!!
Peak position #58 2
Made in FLStudio7, a kinda Hip-Hop/RnB/Breakbeat thing with nice female vocals and deep basses with a hefty beat coming in about half way through!!
Peak in sub-genre #11 3
Drum n Bass with orchestral elements that sounded like bond/spyfilm/carchase music so thats why I called it outrun!! Made in FLStudio7
Peak in sub-genre #66 4
Rock Style track with a funky beat and nice strings
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