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Peak position #88 5 5
'It's about a man who is obsessed with making music and closes everyone else out of his life. If you are a serious musician, this could be you.'
Peak in sub-genre #22 2 2
'This is the 'Super Synthfever Syndrome' topper!! Radio, where are you when I need you?'
Peak in sub-genre #15 1
'Packed with synth sounds and pretty energetic!! This takes you to the bad section of the city. I don't make too many negative songs but hey...this is real life, people. John Bailey is also playing guitar in the mix.'
Peak in sub-genre #66 1
'A good one but a sad one at the same time.'
Peak in sub-genre #10 1 3
'One of my best some will friend Roger who is a producer fell in love with it. It was even featured on a cd compilation in one of his VT Music magazines one year. If I had a heyday-this song would probably of been my signature.'
Peak in sub-genre #9 2 3
'One of my finest!! It will be a hit for you!! Nothing weird here, a down-to-earth positive-relationship pop song.'
Peak in sub-genre #19 1 1
'Fantastic!! I paid for this song to be put on a 'Canadian-American Sizzlin' Hot Summer Radio Singles' compilation cd at which it was on. I guess somewhere it got airplay but I could be wrong. I never saw any moolah.'
Peak in sub-genre #18
'I know a whole bunch of people can relate to this statement. It sucks but in life we have to start off at the bottom of the ladder way before we can ride the gravy train.'
Peak in sub-genre #21 3 6
'The second song I had featured on a Canadian-American Radio Singles compilation cd. On the cd there is rock, pop, country and rap artists. My song of course stands out on the entire comp. It's a hit, but not in the mainstream world.'
Peak in sub-genre #21 1 1
'Funny...........don't be afraid to laugh.'
1 2
'Slow........the word here is so true. A ton of people can relate to this song. It's a shame that alot of people can't automatically show respect--you have to sometimes put them in their place.'
Peak in sub-genre #21
'Don't take on too much at once, especially if you're not programmed to (ha, ha, ha, ha).'
Peak in sub-genre #51
'Here I'm singing about real life city streets and the woman of law who believes it can be cleaned up.'
Peak in sub-genre #33 1 1
'John Bailey on guitar. An upbeat electro-instrumental, that's all I can say.'
Peak in sub-genre #58
'A good percussion/bass of a time. From beginning to end it's in the same key.'
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