Brent Santin and Gary Mallon
World Cornwall, Canada
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Musicians performing the 19th century folk music of Canada, the United States, Ireland and the U.K. on period instruments.
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A medley of popular dance tunes: White Cockade (Scotland - traditional) / Kingdome Coming (USA - attributed to H. Clay) / The Liberty Two-Step (Canada and U.S.A. - traditional
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Famous song by the 19th century American balladeer Stephen Foster
Sound Montage 1: The Sounds of 19th century Transportation. Steam Locomotive, Stagecoach, Canal Boat.
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A traditional Sea Shanty found its way to Ireland, Australia the United Sates.
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Instrumental Medley: The Winding Way / Duke of Kent's March / Reel du Forgeron (French Canadian - traditional), played on tin-whistle, button accordion, mandolin.
The Sounds of 19th Century trades: blacksmith bellows, hammer & anvil; Cabinetmaker planing a board, sawing, drilling and using a treadle lathe.
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Commemorates the capture of American invaders (members of the Hunter Lodges) by Canadian Loyalists at Prescott, Ontario in 1853.
The Sounds of War: charge of soldiers, guns & artillery.
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Celebrates the Canadian explusion of American invaders at Windsor during the War of 1812. The accompanying tune is 'Off She Goes' (U.K., Ireland, Scotland, U.S.A. and Canada - traditional).
Sounds of Farm Animals: Horses eating hay; dog; swing at the trough; rooster; cows; goats
This song is attributed to the famous Manitoban Metis Leader, Louis Riel ca. 1870. The same fellow who lead the Red River Rebellion that decade.
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A set of traditional tunes from Scotland and Ireland, popular in the 19th century. Annie Laurie has been attributed to Lady John Scott.
Sounds of Milling: grist-mill stones; woollen mill carding machine; saw-mill water turbine; sawing a log.
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A set of lively reels played on 19th century period instruments! The Miller's Reel (Canada, USA - traditional) / Jenny Dang the Weaver (Scotland, Canada, U.S.A. - traditional)
Sounds of 19th Century Domestic Life: hearth; clock chimes; dinner time; spinning wheel; call to church.
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