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Peak in sub-genre #23
Imagine light fluffy snowflakes falling while walking in the country on new years eve.
Peak in sub-genre #43
Ethereal funky beat
A work in progress
Album: Autumn Leaves Peak in sub-genre #40
Not much to say about this song
Album: Autumn Leaves Peak in sub-genre #33
Woke up to a great sunrise in Vernon BC
Album: Autumn Leaves Peak position #47
An atempt at a jazz piece
A real cool beat to listen to.
Peak in sub-genre #79
Sequencer like song done with the Korg Karma and Wave station synths. Truely an electronic feel to the song.
Based on a virtual fly through anim I made years ago of the Mars digital elevation maps of the large rift valley on Mars.
An Ambient multitrack recording done with the Karma and Wavestation synths, with some intersting Percussion tracks.
This was fun to create with a some smooth ethereal synth patches, and cool percussion.
Ambient style with a bell percussion track and haunting sound that I like too play. A lot of fun.
Peak in sub-genre #41
something to dance about
Peak in sub-genre #73
For those that like to jog in peace.
off on a quiet highway jog in the outback of Austrialia.
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Deep Transit
01 Her smile lifts me gravity 2
Electronic - House
"Her smile lifts me gravity " Original mix This is one of 3 singles release for the next album. Progression in rhythm "
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