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Instrumental guitar rock. Influences range from modern and early progressive rock and metal to classic rock to guitar heroes to far east music.
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It's been a while, but here's the first new song of 2007.
The debut from Hot Beats of Love, side project of Andrew Kauz and Jon Paul Barabe. It's the jam with all the British flavour!
Acoustic guitar song with some strings and clarinet from my DGX-505. Title is a strange reference to late night digital cable programming.
A melancholy song recorded as a 'one-take.' I composed the backing chords, recorded them all at once, and improvised the rest all at once. Forgive any mistakes.
This song is basically an experiment: both of very heavy guitar tone, drum loops, progressive songwriting (the tempo and sound changes) and, of course, quality. It's not entirely cohesive, but it does rock, and that ending just soars.
Peak in sub-genre #99
A song which attempts to replicate the feel of an acoustic guitar with an electric guitar.
Instrumental rock song whose title is inspired by C.S. Lewis's final entry in his Space Trilogy, titled 'That Hideous Strength.' The feel of the song seems to lend itself both toward the title and even an epic space battle.
Peak in sub-genre #77
First recording. Basic backing with harmonized lead guitar. All guitars tuned EADGAD.
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