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Karl Lukas
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#20 (Sub-genre) 2 1
This is the original soundtrack of the puzzle game Freeze!, which is available for iOS and Android. Have a look at the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsR0QYJff4k
#72 (Sub-genre) 10 2
14-Jan-2011: I made this track more than a year ago and never found the time to release it. Here it is, finally. Enjoy
Peak in sub-genre #26 4 1
My friend Hans-Heini added a very nice guitar part to Orion. It's worth listening!!!
Peak in sub-genre #13 9
[12-Dec-2008] Spacy ambient track. Enjoy!
Peak in sub-genre #23 8 2
[20-Jul-2008] Melodic Progressive Trance. Enjoy!
Peak position #65 12
[19-May-2008] Melodic trance with nice pads and piano
Peak in sub-genre #20 6 1
[05-Mar-2008] This Remix is inspired by a remix made by Dafunk. The original track was composed for the C64 a long time ago.
Peak in sub-genre #25 7
[27-Sep-2007] A simple song that makes intense use of the Xsynth ReFill. Vocals by Kate Lesing. Lyrics by Michael Teuber.
Peak in sub-genre #41 5 1
[31-Aug-2007] Ambient, with a psychedelic touch.
Peak in sub-genre #32 4
[29-Jul-2007] Vocals by Kate Lesing. Lyrics by Janardana. Have fun!
Peak in sub-genre #32 6
[29-Jul-2007] Vocals by Kate Lesing. Lyrics by Michael Teuber. This one is epic. Enjoy!
Peak in sub-genre #18 8
[19-Jun-2007] Vocals by Kate Lesing. Lyrics by Janardana
Peak in sub-genre #40 4
[28-Mrz-2007] Vocals by KASA. Permission granted by Beatwerk Records and VIP ZONE www.vipzone-samples.com
Peak position #27 3
[20-Jan-2007] Enjoy this remix of Marianne Kelly's (Trancefix) song Forever. Also check out the original at soundclick.com/trancefix.
Peak in sub-genre #40 4
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