Nicolas Slonimsky Interview
Talk New York, NY  USA
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Interview of Electra Slonimsky Yourke, daughter of Frank Zappa friend Nicolas Slonimsky with composer Joseph Pehrson.
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This mp3 discusses Nicolas Slonimsky's rather eccentric and humorous personality, which also brought serious facts and details to the new music field.
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This mp3 part of the interview discusses the relationship between the HUGE collection of Slonimsky materials at the Library of Congress and the 4 Books that Electra Slonimsky Yourke, Nicolas Slonimsky's daughter, has recently edited.
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This mp3 discusses the 1st book of the set -- Early Writings by Nicolas Slonimsky in Boston shortly after he first came to the U.S.
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This mp3 discusses Book 2 of the set: Russian Composers, Russian Music and Nicolas Slonimsky's travels there. Also discusses the censorship issue.
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This mp3 is the first of three which discusses Book 3 on Contemporary Music. Nicolas Slonimsky has had a *huge* effect on the contemporary music field.
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This is the second mp3 which discusses Book 3 on Contemporary Music, Nicolas Slonimsky's specialty.
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The end of the third book discusses the music of Roy Harris, the quintessential American composer, actually born in a log cabin! For real!
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This Book 4 contains other humorous, wacky, weird and, in some cases, serious and substantial material written by Nicolas Slonimsky that didn't quite fit into the other volumes. Like Frank Zappa, Nicolas Slonimsky defined his own world!
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Nicolas Slonimsky also wrote many other books, some of them quite substantial and, in one case, extremely popular. This mp3 discusses almost all of them.
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Nicolas Slonimsky was a friend of Frank Zappa's, and this mp3 relates some of that. Both individuals, many believe, were among some of the strongest cultural influences of our day in the realm of music.
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This mp3 is three of Nicolas Slonimsky's _Five Advertising Songs_, sung and played by him with his introduction as well!
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