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Classical, folk music, symphonic rock, pop or just anything that pops out of my head ...
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Album: Dreamscapes
A song inspired by Swedish folk music and the beauty of the scandinavian landscape. The melody instruments are Clarinet and Morin Khuur, a violin from Mongolia.
#12 today (Sub-genre)
Album: Dreamscapes
A soft piece from my new music project "Dreamscapes".
Peak position #13
Album: Dreamscapes
Could'nt find the right genre, this is more like symphonic disco!
Peak position #32
Album: Dreamscapes
Standing by the Dragon Gate...
Peak position #46
Album: Dreamscapes
A song with a classical touch inspired by the words of Chief Seattle.
Peak position #10
Album: Dreamscapes
A symphonic piece inspired by memories of my childhood.
#52 today (Sub-genre)
Album: Dreamscapes
From my new ongoing project "Dreamscapes"
Album: Dreamscapes
A song with some Celtic influences and with violin, tin flute and Duduk as solo instruments.
#43 today (Sub-genre)
Album: Dreamscapes
A song to the scandinavian spring with piano and flute
#40 today (Sub-genre)
Album: Dreamscapes
Travelling through the land of shadows
#21 today (Sub-genre)
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