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Gag Reflex was a critically acclaimed sketch comedy group from the Chicago area. Their mix of sketch comedy and music delighted audiences for nearly two decades
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A jaunty little number about a runny little problem
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Moby Dick misunderstood in a bar
Peak position #32
Ah... I love when an old song is suddenly relevant again! Thanks Sarah Palin!!!
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She just won't go
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Life would be a whole lot easier if it was more like a TIVO
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Two parents arrive at a meeting with their son's principal and then wish they hadn't.
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Whenever he thinks of her... he thinks of disgusting medical conditions.
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A wedding derails fairly quickly.
Peak position #49
A little strange advertising from middle America's family value guru.
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A new release from our new stage show; "Happy Sunshine Kill You Die". A problem most men keep a secret.
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Recorded live at the Woodstock Opera House during the Road To Camelot benefit show 3/20/2005 - You may have been in this class. Natural 20!!
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Recorded May 27, 2005 if front of the West Aurora (Illinois) High senior class - You're in here somewhere probably.
Peak position #49
recorded Live at The House. Nov 2001
Peak position #22
Merry Christmas and a naughty New Year from Gag Reflex!!
A Bare Naked Ladies parody. Don't we all dream of this - really? Recorded live at The House in Dekalb, IL 11/9/01
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NEW *JUICE WRLD* Ready To Fly (Free Tagged)
Instrumentals - Trap
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