Renato Ventura
Electronic Aci Catena (CT), Italy
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Electronic music with World flavour and without genre rules.
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03/2008 - This piece is inspired by West African music. An attempt to leave the taste of a live performance in the air. Joy try to be a simple and enthralling music for to dance in an imaginary African night
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12/2007 - 'Travellers are Travellers for all eternity. Travellers were Travellers in ancient history. Travellers, I would say it world wide, Travellers are Travellers I will say it with pride.' --Bernard Power
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9/2006 - On 1st May 2006, 'A Day Without Immigrants', this music is offered as a pacifist Deguello, a gathering, the soundtrack of a march towards progress and justice: a token gesture to remember, to participate, and to stand by these people.
Peak in sub-genre #38 2
12/2005 - Famine, war, words that mean pain, sorrow, suffering for many people. But the greatest suffering, the greatest sorrow is the sorrow of a mother who sees her son undergo the effect of these terrible words. This music is for those mothers.
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03/2005 - A collaboration with Ed Drury, you can check his great and various music here at or you can check his personal site at
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03/2005 - A collaboration with Dennis Wieand. Visit his page for to listen to his great music
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01/2005 - Two artists. Two minds. One Song. Metricks & Renato Ventura. Metricks, great artist from Lisboa, visit his page for to listen to an important part of the contemporary electronic music scene
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10/2004 - Beta version * #4 Indie Journal's Top 40 Songs of 2004 -
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04/2004 - beta version
Peak in sub-genre #22
2002 - A song about immigration
Peak in sub-genre #70 2 2
2001 - Instrumental, inspired by the 2001 Afghan war
Peak in sub-genre #60 1
1996 - A cry for a new dark age. Electronic with ethnic influences.
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1997 - Instrumental
Peak in sub-genre #52
1997 - Instrumental
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05/2003 - Beta version
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