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Hard Pop Rock with a Prog Twist.
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Every man's fantasy. Every man's nightmare.
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Love lost, regained, and lost again. This power ballad expresses the longing for another's love with the knowledge that it can never be.
This song details the story of a threesome gone wrong. She's got what she wants, but she's not sure what to do with it.
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The protagonist begins to receive notes from a secret admirer signed simply 'Valentine.' Who could it be?
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This hard rocker tells the story of a man gone manic. He can do it all, he's got money to spend and places to go, and wants you to come with him.
This is the song you want to sing, when that person next to you just won't shut TF up.
A groovey, heavy rock song about the darkest side of love.
An adaptation of the first three cantos of Dante's _Inferno_.
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