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Inspired by the frozen rivers, snow-covered prairies and Northern Lights of Manitoba - the title track of Paul Castle's CD, featuring Peter Falkner on piano.
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Moving piano improvisation - recorded as it happened - the title track of Peter Falkner's debut album.
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Acoustic blues from the brilliant UK singer songwriter and 5-string guitarist Bob Cairns with his band 'Sons of Fat Harry'
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Great Rhodes electric piano groove by UK pianist/soundtrack composer Peter Falkner - recently #1 on the Soundclick Jazz Swing Chart.
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An emotional country ballad by the fabulous UK singer songwriter Caroline Hetherton, with Paul Castle on keyboard piano and strings.
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Beautiful piano soundtrack orchestration featuring Aeron Jones on guitar - see www.peterfalkner.com
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Dylan song sung by Veronica Nelson with Paul Castle and Dave Davies on acoustic guitars/backing vocals and BJ Cole on pedal steel (Recorded at DJM Studios, London 1971)
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New Zealand based singer 'Jemima' with Paul Castle on acoustic guitar and keyboards
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"Touching the feet transforms". Bob Cairns, acoustic guitar / lead vocal - with Sons of Fat Harry, featuring John Davies on flute.
featuring Paul Castle, vocals, acoustic guitar, Peter Falkner, electric piano, Demian A Dorelli, acoustic piano
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'Nobody waits like you, babe - Nobody waits like you.' Bob Cairns, acoustic guitar/lead vocal with Sons of Fat Harry - Paul Castle, John Davies, Pete Ward, Jim and Fang
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The theme song for the BAFTA winning 'Best Children's TV Series' of the Jane Hissey classic 'Old Bear' picture book stories featuring Paul with Alison Goldfrapp (of Goldfrapp) on vocals and Mat Fox on hammered dulcimer.
Peak in sub-genre #63
A hit song for Irish singer Frances Black (as 'Send Him a Letter") this version Paul Castle's song features Caroline Hetherton on vocals with Paul on guitars and Pete Ward on bass.
Peak in sub-genre #88
The Sons of Fat Harry version of Paul Castle's song including Paul on guitar/vocals, Bob Cairns, guitar/vocals, John Davies, guitar/vocals, Pete Ward, bass/vocals and Fang on hammered dulcimer.
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