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Peak in sub-genre #81
My version of It's So Good Enjoy
an attempt to cover one of the best guitar driven songs out there ^_^ it's only the intro though, since most parts of the song can be improvised hehehe
Peak in sub-genre #53
a jam with paolo castillo
Peak in sub-genre #61
A song by Neil Zaza, I really love this song so i covered it, haha ^_^
Peak in sub-genre #5
One of my very early recordings, i was in first year high school when i recorded it. Anyway.. it was a futile attempt hehe :D
Peak in sub-genre #69
a jam with Coco (former guitarist of Blue Jean Junkies and Southern Grass) :) solo arrangements: coco, me, coco, me, coco
Peak in sub-genre #28
about 3/4 of the song, not yet done though thanks to JerryC for the back track!
Peak in sub-genre #93
i covered the song of Nuno Bettencourt, Gravity, using adobe audition for recording. Back Track + me (guitar)
Peak in sub-genre #41
Freddy Aguilar's Anak rock version, again sorry for the poor quality :D 1st solo me, and 2nd solo my friend :p
Peak in sub-genre #18
A cover song of Dream Theater, sorry for the quality, live recording :p
Peak in sub-genre #58
a cover song of Jimi Hendrix
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