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When a long love Ends how does one carry on.
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A Soldier writes home to tell the parents of another Soldier that he has died. I would like to thank everyone who played my song by connecting through Neil Young's Web page Living with War Today.You help it to reach #43 on the chart. Thank you all!
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Soldier from Bras'dor is a song about a soilder who leaves Cape breton to fight in WW11.It is a story of undying love and tragedy.
Its a song about the suffering and oppression of people all over the world,And of how it seems that there are those who either ignor or turn away from helping others.
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The Story of the life of a street person I know
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A song about heading out west to find a job and thinking about back home.
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The song in general is about the feelings that Cape bretoners have about growing up and then having to leave home either to furthur there education or to seek the employment that they can't find here at home.It is a song of home. For Chris.
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A song I wrote for Susan!
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Its a song about the loss of the Steel and coal industrys of Cape Breton Island andthe Loss of its people to other places across the Country
have you heard the expression Love is blind, well it's not true.
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A song for My mother
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This is a true Story of the life of a friend that I have known since I was six years old. May he someday find the peace he deserves.
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