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I've been a formally trained musician for 6decades, 4 as a professional keyboard player and play multi instruments. I've done the road thing and played with cou
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Peak position #13
starts off with a new age feel and then kicks into a smooth jazz funk feel. It's a full version of two styles I recorded back in 2005, one swing and the other smooth jazz, this being the smooth jazz one.
Peak position #33
before recording this on the nylon acoustic guitar I played it on the piano and in the circuit for years. chill time!
Peak position #22
a smooth jazz new wave composition which was generated using bb back in 2007 by the guitar player. Rather than learning to play it as it was on the midi file, we decided to change the style to make it our own. We played it on many a gig.
Peak position #10 1
smooth jazz tune I played back in 2005 on piano which also received local radio play on a smooth jazz station.
originally I recorded it as a tribute to my cousin after being lost at sea in 2004, for his family. I recently revisited the tune and re-recorded it for everyone else to hear. It's still a tribute to my cousin Esa Ronnqvist.
Peak position #21
a re-mastered smooth jazz tune I wrote, performed and recorded back in 1995 on piano.
Peak position #27
Peak position #74
smooth jazz on the piano
actually a band in a box generated tune learned and played live
Peak position #21
simple melody with a bit more complex piano solo
a tune I first played on the piano and later on guitar. This is the piano version
Peak position #18
the known Beethoven composition played outdoors by the beach in the moonlight as transcribed for guitar by me
a short version of Brahms composition I learned to play on piano during my music college days. I relearned it recently just for you.
another Chopin piano composition. The thing with classical piano compositions is that you could have 20 of the same tunes played by different artists and they would all be different.
Peak position #22
One of the toughest, long piano compositions I've ever learned to play.
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