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ozone333 is Trance at its best! Synthy Grooves and High Energy beats makes ozone333 Electronic music a truy wonderful dance experience!
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11 songs($13.00)
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Album: Inspiration 02 Peak in sub-genre #16 2 1
Shane is my closest friend and business partner... I wrote this track for him!
Album: Inspiration 02 Peak in sub-genre #28 1
Sophie had lot's of parties at her parents house in the summer time. Sophie was cute and had a bubbly personality. I like Sophie.. so I wrote a few tracks for her then remixed them together to create this piece... Yayyyyy! :)
Album: Inspiration 02 1
Another track that I wrote for my friend Spencer.
Album: Inspiration 02 Peak in sub-genre #67 1
Certainly a unique character... He sold my music on Venice Beach in California.. for a while.. then disappeared.. poof!
Album: Inspiration 02 Peak in sub-genre #36
Brett was an inspiration for me in my teaching job at the college... he was always optimistic and could always find the positive aspects in anyones personality.
I met her on the internet and we have been talking for over 2 years now... She's adorable! ;)
He crashed on our couch... and became pseudo family instantly... a cool guy and smart too!
Album: Inspiration 02 Peak in sub-genre #64
JH is a mystery...
She went out with my friend Spencer... She was a sweet and nice girl, so I wrote this track for her!
Written for someone I call princess! :)
I really liked her but she moved away... :(
Amanda is a very unique kind of person... she's a friend of my brother... she's snooty sometimes and down to earth at other times... I can't figure her out??? anyway.. I wrote this for her...
Album: Inspiration 01 Peak in sub-genre #59
Ohhh Yeahh... Molly is sweeeeet.. thats who I wrote this track for!
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