The Nowhere Men featuring Gary R. Peterson
Country Troy, MI  USA
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Gary Peterson
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The Nowhere Men are an instrumental combo of guitars, bass, drums (and now vocals) formed to record these musical compositions of Gary R. Peterson. The Nowhere
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A grunge-a-billy rock instrumental in 7/8 time.
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A cover rendition of the Marvin Gaye song.
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A cover rendition of The Doors song
Peak in sub-genre #31
A cover of the Kinks classic
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This guitar tune was stuck in Peterson's head so we pried it out with a wang bar and lashed it to a rock-solid drum beat and jumpy bass line.
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Drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars. I'm just noodling around, but I think you'll really like these noodles.
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The Nowhere Men were called upon to record Gary R. Peterson's latest offering, 'Interstate of My Mind,' a highway-of-life / love song with three-part vocal harmony, relentless drive, and some of the fanciest guitar chords known to man.
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Guitar, bass & drums on the fast track to feel-good.
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Secret agent ghost rider in the sky rides tidal wave into forest fire.
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Cowgirls don't get the blues when this vamp in the key of G is playing.
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The bass and drums join two guitars for this musical play in three acts.
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Synchopated rhythms keep this jazzy improvisation from becoming clich├ęd.
A plaintive guitar pleads its case with chords the likes of Em9add11 before breaking into a flat-out shuffle in E major.
This anthem to summer love is nominated for "The best use of a Gm6 chord and wang-bar at a pivotal moment" Award.
The kind of thing that happens when a middle aged kid finally gets a set of drums for his birthday, and a harmonica.
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