Rock St Catharines, Canada
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Post- classic rock fusion duo, featuring the vocals of Catherine Clarkson and the production, vocals and composition of Frederick Serafim
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Album: Cryterion #97 (Main)
High energy synth-rock.
Album: Cryterion #19 (Sub-genre)
Rocker anthem featuring a driving bass line, layered guitars and synths and Catherine's heady lyrical edification of my otherwise simple title.
Album: Cryterion #54 (Sub-genre)
An explosive instrumental theme with softer melodic verses, blended together with a driving latin beat. For the many different types of angry people. Anger - sure, violence - no.
Album: Cryterion #36 (Sub-genre)
Electronic Rock. Scuba diving Catherine wrote the verse lyrics drawing a parrallel between deep sea diving and life in general.
Album: Cryterion #33 (Main)
'Tomorrow is today's bright future, sweet memories along the way...'
Album: Cryterion #33 (Main)
For anyone who's suddenly lost a pet. Great latin beat with some very sweet lead guitar.
Album: Cryterion #33 (Sub-genre)
Folk hymn
Album: Cryterion #42 (Main)
Upbeat vocal jazz-rock with searing lead guitar bridge over jungle type rhythms extolling that which we so highly value in the western world.
Album: Cryterion #24 (Sub-genre)
We are a generation of people that largely have had the good fortune to be able to travel extensively. A song of thanks with a cautionary caveat.
Album: Cryterion Peak in sub-genre #43
Slow yet powerful and enchanting, especially near the end.
Album: Cryterion Peak in sub-genre #39
Omens, deja vus...have we passed this way before?
Album: Cryterion
Aah, those days of free love and lust...
Album: Cryterion
There's been good times...and bad...very bad... An ominous soundscape.
Album: Cryterion Peak in sub-genre #29
Rock on! We're in the clear! (...and yes, that's reprieve, not reprise...)
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