Devin Hurd
Classical Camarillo, CA  USA
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HurdAudio. Alternate intonation, free improvisation and chamber music.
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Scale of day for HurdAudio blog.
Scale of the Day from HurdAudio blog.
Scale of Day for Blog
Scale of Day from HurdAudio Blog
E Lydian Scale from the Scale of the Day at
D Sharp Phrygian Scale sample for Scale of the Day at
Synthesis rendering of an E Flat Aeolian Scale.
Synthesized E Flat Dorian Scale from 'Scale of the Day' post at
E Flat Mixolydian Scale example for the Scale of the Day at
The E Flat Ionian scale realized via synthesis.
Peak in sub-genre #39
Orchestral sketch scored to a cinematic sequence in a professional endeavor a few years back.
Peak position #49
Experimental work from a commercial endeavor.
A synthesized rendering of an E Flat Lydian Scale as you would find it on any conventionally tuned equal tempered instrument.
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