Cravin Bob Wyman
Rock Colorado Springs, CO  USA
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Folky country rocky or Americana. Everything must be labeled so we know what it is and where we should be putting it. My songs are all demos that I punched up
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This rocks, play it loud
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Joe Diffie's favorite song, really, ask him
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People are cruel and inhumane to other living things. I see examples every day. There is no need for it.
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In memory of Hunter Thompson. This is a demo version written in 1992 but remixed 05/22. Aired on KSPN-FM in Aspen after Hunter's death and various Internet stations.
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The artwork for this tune is an original by *** ******* of Colorado Springs, a truly brilliant and noticeably mad man. A testament to my unrepentant habit of riding anyone's coattails, down or up. Usually down.
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