Graeme Cammack
Instrumentals Roodepoort, South Africa
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The Shed Man
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The band consists of me, my guitar, my synth and my PC.
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Peak in sub-genre #84 2 2
This is my tribute to my dear departed friend, Charlie, who brought joy and happiness into my life.
Peak in sub-genre #50
A relaxed, soothing and ambient piece.
Peak in sub-genre #87
A little sequencer and guitar ditty dedicated to a very special dog.
Another one dedicated to the memory of my best friend, Charlie, the loveliest dog there ever was.
Just a badly played guitar and a few effects.
Peak in sub-genre #23
Two synths, two guitars, one river and one birds. Inspired by, well that would be telling....
Peak in sub-genre #47 1 1
An instrumental piece inspired by my recent travels to South Africa.
Peak in sub-genre #53 1 1
A song inspired by the music and lyrics of John Foxx
Peak in sub-genre #31
Who'd be a ring modulator, eh?
Peak in sub-genre #15 1 1
Another of my Scottish sounding efforts.
Peak in sub-genre #47
Inspired by and dedicated to the late, great William 'Stuart' Adamson.
Peak in sub-genre #32
Not really a Christmas song, more of a toe-tapper for your Hogmanay party.
A bit of over the top production on a prett ordinary instrumental.
Another sort of vaguely Eastern European thing.
A collaboration with Mono Head ( ) and a silent pigeon.
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