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Peak in sub-genre #94
a classic from 95, talks about japanese society (uploaded by Waso)
Peak position #80 1
my favorite Japanese RnB duet
A catchy Egyptian themed hardcore hiphop cut by Yamadaman of Rappagariya. Uploaded by Wangaman.
R&B/Rap collab, Kaana got an unique style and voice (upped by Waso)
feat. Dev Large, DS455 back in 1995, when Maccho and Shalla were still in the group.
Michico is tight, Osumi is phat, and you can hear someone playin with strings....of a guitar for the beat XD ... Ignition !
calm song, very different from what Minmi usually does
Peak position #89 1
Takako tribute to her decease sister Sachiko, RnB ballad
Ill Kei-Bomb song. For all tha wasted foos hehe. * Uploaded by kOyA *
song with a lil jazzy vibe, nice production
Peak position #96 1
Gangsta Classic... Prolly one of my all time fave tracks of 2003.... uploaded by the Dik Dik..
VERY NICE relaxing piano & flute melody, (featuring Macka Chin, Gore Tex, Gama) grade A (nice chorus too, lol) uploaded by [cclemon**]
dirty south bounce beat, average flow grade A- uplaoded by [cclemon**]
Slow Head Boppin' Beat. Features Verbal, Goichi and Clench. Grade A-
Featuring Goichi and Coyass (Mic Banditz). Dirty South Kinda Groove. Espionage Anthem. Grade A
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