Allison Crowe
Acoustic Salt Spring Island, Canada
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"Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music is what I want to make."
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Melding into one sound and performance experience the rawest of folk roots and the richest of arena rock that barely begins to describe the originality and freshness of Allison Crowe and Bands music and personality.
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Hours, the first song from Allison Crowe's new album, Welcome to Us, is especially well suited to Allison's dulcet voice. It's a treat, chimes Allan Showalter, who maintains Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered with erudition and fine-tuned eleganc
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First heard from the sensational live recording of Allison Crowe and Band captured recently at LSPU Hall in St. Johns, Newfoundland is Verses. Paul Mercs Concerts, the great Canadian event presenters since 1991, kindly shared Verses, posting: Bravo
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Allison Crowe and Band from the group's debut album HeirsGrievances:
"You All Haunt Me" opens the debut album from Allison Crowe and Band.
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Lead song track off Allison Crowe's 2013 album - "Heavy Graces"
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