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An improvised bass riff, when a friend brought over his Fx processor wayyy back about 1992. A little Zoom thing on a strap. Never could get this tone again since. This is a little clip from about a 6 minute jam.
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a lullabye I wrote for myself in a bleak time about 15 years ago...
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for the bass noodler (in 'E')
for the guitar noodler...(in 'E')
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A song I wrote years ago (about 1995) and never finished lyrics to...so this is a recent instrumental, 'Muzak'd' version. apologies in advance. Working title was 'Soupbone' for no particular reason.
Peak in sub-genre #67
improvised stuff...trying to break out of a rut. Chord changes when I got around to 'em...
An improvised bluesy eulogy for 'Nightwolf', an internet acquaintance, great 'plug-in-and-play' guitar player and passionate blues musician who passed away recently from complication from diabetes. www.diabetes.org is worth a look if you want to p
goofy improvised cassette 4-track noodling from '96. By the end, I was tring to pursue the absurd. (hmmm....just how long CAN you hold this note?! and so on. I was laughing when the tail end actually came together.)
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