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judy miller
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Peak in sub-genre #69
She dreams he is her lover, but he doesn't know it.
A love song about how wonderful true love can be. Sung in soft pop or light jazz style
An upbeat, happy Christmas song.
Peak in sub-genre #16
A sentimental song remembering a love lost but never forgotten.
Peak in sub-genre #49
A sweet love song written by someone who really loves his life partner.
Peak position #48
A children's song written for a musical about Oscar the mouse and Fifi the French cat.
Peak in sub-genre #99
So full of love, she can't help but shout it.
Peak in sub-genre #47
She knows he's no longer with the person who was mean to him and tells him to look at her and give her a chance to love him.
Peak in sub-genre #16
A beautiful, sad love song written for an unfinished musical.
Peak in sub-genre #84
A sad song about a love who isn't true.
Peak in sub-genre #18
A happy, party song
Peak in sub-genre #34
A rockin', happy, country tune.
Peak in sub-genre #100
A song of the feel of the ocean breezes and the thoughts that come to mind when feeling them.
An upbeat pop tune asking DreamMaker to make her a perfect man.
Peak in sub-genre #16
A Lady from the Caribbean sings this tune as part of a musical which is still in the works. Small boy sings one line (my grandson, Nate) "I'm on top now. Hey look at the view!"
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