Ronnie SeCoy
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Ronnie SeCoy Midwestern Country Ballad Singer & The American Way Band
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ALA 'Chet' on lead - a fast paced country dance club song for free form or circle dancing
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Most played 'never released' indie single. Anthem of sick children, cancer patients, used during intercessory prayer in Churches. Insiders in Nashville estimate over one million copies exit. MUST SEE!!! LYRICS INFO pic of Sarah
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STORY/DANCE SONG - FULL BAND VERSION NASHVILLE SOON Every club has one hot lady like RED SHOES. And an old country dance band singer.
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Mastering-multi Grammy-Bob Katz. Hundreds of stations worldwide - Country/Folk Ballad, Full Band Radio Release MUST SEE LYRICS PAGE PIC OF SARAH IN ISOLATION UNIT!!!
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The very reason for the Season - Love
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The right star, maybe Vince Gill, could have a hit with this one.
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6 yr old Sarah, dad & school mates 6:18 min We know of 182,000 copies that were made. This longer version matches the two sound trax for vocalists downloadable. For all usage except for making recordings.
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Instrumental backing track without melody or vocals. This is not mastered. ASAP I will complete and post with vocals the same song. Soon I will add the written out lyrics. It is clipped because it is really 20 seconds longer than soundclick all
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2010 Improved recording of Red Shoes Rockabilly with much better production values , better vocal and a more radio style - with improved home mastering from new equipment
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Not new country. A M-F duet, and, ugh, ya, I sing both parts on this up tempo demo. In realty it needs pedal steel-great fiddler. Its TWO songs that play hand in glove!!! For dance clubs. (I wrote video script)
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ala Tim McGraw & Faith I sing both parts. Missing in this crude home midi recording are the sexy SLOW fiddle and pedal steel counter melody. Last song of the night dance song.
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No vocalist track. Singers sound track that can be used for public performance in Church. (not to be used for recording purposes)
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CD QUALITY minus adult vocalist for public performance. Includes Sarah's voice. Longer 6:18 version.
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