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This is a song I had to write for my Creative Applications midterm. It's very repetitive because I had to write a progression I could improv over for my test. I think I did pretty well on it. But the A section is in E Aoelian and the B section is in
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Just the first 2 minutes of the song Glasgow Kiss by John Petrucci. My guitar is panned slightly to the right and the original song is panned slightly to the left. Sorry for the sh** ty quality, I went direct.
A song I wrote a while ago. Pretty much one of the only I've written.
Just the intro from a song I'm learning called Splintered Visions by Into Eternity
Peak position #72
My teacher for Metal Lab, Joe Stump, showed me this warm-up exercise thing that he made into a song. It's so fun to play!
The first riff is my normal tone (going direct into the computer), the second time I play the riff, I'm using the BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer
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