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La Emotion, by Ludington GT and Henta. This new hi energy workout is a primetime dance floor filler and is the latest collaboration with UK singer Henta, who supplies her strong and haunting vocals. Check out for more!
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This live performance by Ludington GT is from Seattle in May 2007 and was produced by the Electronic Music Collective, of which he is a founding member. It includes three songs: Don't Let's Talk, No Free Days, and So Much 4 Nothin.
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Tech breaks here from a live performance in Seattle from the new Ludington GT CD
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Live version of this new song from Ludington GT's new CD, FIre and Ice
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Groovey- a hard trance song, from my live CD, Fire and Ice, classic trance riff with Acid synths and heavy beats
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Live version of this hard dance track, with additional keys and samples and a new coda/ending tagged on.
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This drivin uptempo tough house track is from Ludington GT in Seattle, this is the bomb that makes you go boom,the beat that makes you.........
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Live version of this tech house track from Ludington GTs new CD
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Xphase- the techno stomper
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Live version of this song, quite different, a total percussion workout and then....... the bass drops!
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Another airy house track, perfect for summertime listening in the sun.
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Live version of this progressive house track
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This is breezy house track, a little on the progressive side.
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Seattle nu skool breakz mix
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This is Hard Dance, not hard house or just house, get it?
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